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This program is offered to college-age and adults who want to give their lives to Christian ministry, whether vocationally or as a high-capacity volunteer leader, but don't see the traditional 4-year Bible college or seminary degree as a viable option. This program is doable for those working full-time or taking 12 hours or less of local college classes.

This could be ideal for college-age or adults over age 18 who:

  • Want a Christian education, but want to remain at home
  • Want to take classes at a local university, while also getting a Christian education
  • Feel called to serve in ministry, but unsure of what, how, where, or when
  • Have already completed some college or college degree, but want to study ministry without pursuing another 4-year degree
  • Are in a transitional season between schools
  • Don’t want to accumulate college debt
  • Need to maintain a part or full-time job while receiving a Christian education
  • Have family obligations
  • Want to be prepared for ministry, but don’t need a 4-year degree
  • Prefer classroom, community, and hands-on training over online courses
  • Are not ready or able to be a residential student on a Christian college/university campus
  • Want to experience hands-on ministry with Northside ministry staff