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Northside Women

Northside Women is all about encouraging, challenging, and helping one another to behold and pursue Jesus in our everyday lives. As a woman and follower of Jesus, you are uniquely created and gifted and called to be an influencer in your home, workplace, community, and church.

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Northside Men

Discover what it means to have brothers in Christ, ones who sharpen you like iron sharpens iron. Finding a group of men to do life with can make all the difference in helping you love Jesus, lead your family, and leave a kingdom legacy for the next generation.

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As a single, it isn’t easy to live differently from the world around you. Following Jesus is better when you’re walking alongside others who understand, especially when you are navigating the single life, work, or school.

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Care Groups

Care Night provides weekly, Christ-centered Care groups and programs designed to help people heal from their hurt, pain, or addiction of any kind.

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The Marriage Ministry is dedicated to providing Christ-centered care to equip and enrich your marriage relationship. God designed marriage and the Bible provides a blueprint for what's possible in a Christ-centered marriage and family.

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