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Sarah Davidson

Operations Administrative Assistant

Sarah Davidson was born and raised in Louisville, KY. Sarah married her husband Jamie in 2012 and they moved to Sellersburg, IN in 2016. Sarah was the administrative assistant to the managing partner of a large CPA firm in Louisville before shifting careers in 2004. She then served as a medical assistant in Louisville for a large group of physicians and held that role for 17+ years. Sarah and Jamie together have 3 daughters (Tarah, Katie and Megan), one son-in-law (Derek) and 6 grandchildren (Mekenzi, Keagan, Kelsie, Khia, Evie and Remi). Oh, and 3 dogs (Jaxon, Piper, and Heidi). So, Sarah and Jamie have their hearts and hands full! Sarah loves her job because she gets to glorify God in the work she does and work every day at the church she loves!

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