Following Jesus Learning Community

Follow me.

These are two of the most powerful and life-changing words ever spoken by Jesus. 

At Northside, we believe following Jesus is so much more than attending a service on the weekends. A disciple or follower of Jesus is someone who learns and lives out the way of Jesus. It’s a lifelong journey to be experienced. It’s a way of life to be practiced.

That’s why–wherever you’re at and whatever your story is–you’re invited to follow Jesus with us.

How do you become an intentional follower of Jesus? That’s the question we’ll explore in our upcoming four-week Learning Community called Following Jesus: Becoming an Intentional Disciple

In the first session, author and pastor Jim Putman, a leading voice on discipleship, will help us define what it means to be both a disciple and a discipler.

In the following three sessions, we’ll dive into Northside’s Spiritual Self-Assessment and explore how to grow a relationship with God in the areas of Christ, Community, and Calling.

Whether you’re spiritually curious, new to faith, or a long-time Christian, these four weeks will equip you become an intentional follower of Jesus.


Following Jesus will run for four weeks on Tuesdays beginning Tuesday, April 18, from 6:30-8:00pm in the West Auditorium.

There is no cost to attend and free KidCare will be available.

(812) 945-8704


West Auditorium

Date / Time
  • Tuesday, April 18, 2023 @ 6:30 PM
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