Our Vision

This ministry exists to connect children with disabilities into the life and community of Northside Christian Church. We believe each child has an opportunity to hear the gospel and feel the love of Christ. To shepherd kids best, we provide a one-on-one buddy system to ensure that each child is immersed in an inclusive environment with the comfort of a buddy to walk with them throughout each of our weekend services. Our goal is to meet each child where they are and provide them with the services they need to understand the gospel at their level.

Our Inclusion Team

In Kidside, we provide a one-on-one buddy system. Each child is matched with a leader from our Inclusion Team that stays with them throughout the entire service. We train our leaders to fully love and meet the unique needs of their buddy to the best of their ability.

Our leaders attend to each child’s needs, whether that be in the classroom or in our sensory room. We hope that by having a buddy system in Kidside, we are able to foster loving relationships between our leaders and families. This is done by making sure our leaders are showing their buddy the love of Jesus Christ throughout their time together.


Our Inclusion Team is currently available for our Sunday services at 9:45AM and 11:30AM. At this time, we do not offer buddies at the 5PM service.
We provide one-on-one buddies for kids in the early childhood, preschool, and elementary classes.
We have one sensory room to provide a safe and comforting space for the child when needed. We use this room in a thoughtful manner to give each child an environment where they can regulate their sensory needs while here at church.
Once you fill out the application, someone from our Inclusion team will contact you. The leader will give you more information about what to expect and how to communicate which service you will be attending each week to ensure your child has a buddy. Please wait to be contacted by the Inclusion team before attending for the first time to make sure they are fully prepared for your child and can support them to the best of their ability.